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Amlopres (Amlodipine Besilate) - 5mg (15 Tablets)

Amlopres (Amlodipine Besilate) - 5mg (15 Tablets)
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Glibenclamide IP 5mg Tablet 10

What is it for?

Amlopres (Amlodipine Besilate) is prescribed to treat hypertension or severe chest pain (angina). The medicine is a calcium channel blocker that relaxes blood vessels in the body to increase blood flow and reduce the amount of work required by the heart.

How do you use it?

Your doctor will determine the best dosage of Amlopres (Amlodipine Besilate) based on your symptoms. One tablet is normally swallowed each day along with a large glass of water and can be taken with or without food. You should always try to take these doses at the same time each day to get the most effective results.

Any side effects?

You may experience some mild side effects while taking Amlopres (Amlodipine Besilate) such as headaches, fatigue, dizziness, flushing, or an upset stomach. Tell your doctor as soon as possible if any symptoms appear that worry you or are intense such as severe chest pain spreading to the shoulder, swelling, arrhythmia, or faintness. It will be necessary to change your dosage to stop more problems from occurring.


Do not use Amlopres (Amlodipine Besilate) if you are allergic to calcium channel blockers or have unstable angina, hypotension, or aortic stenosis. Do not stand up quickly after taking your dosage as this may cause dizziness or fainting. Always wait until these symptoms have passed. Monitor your blood pressure regularly while undergoing treatment to prevent potential problems. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as special adjustments may need to be made.

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