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Arkamin 100mcg (Clonidine) - 100mcg (10 Tablets)

Arkamin 100mcg (Clonidine) - 100mcg (10 Tablets)
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Clonidine 100mcg Tablets 10

What is it for?

Arkamin (Clonidine) is prescribed to treat hypertension (high blood pressure). It relaxes blood vessels in the body to allow easier blood flow and reduce the amount of work required by the heart for circulation. This action can lower the chances of strokes, heart attacks, or kidney problems resulting from hypertension.

How do you use it?

Your dosage for Arkamin (Clonidine) will be decided by your doctor after observing your symptoms and current health. One tablet may be taken once or twice a day and should be taken with food and swallowed with a full glass of water. Do not change your dosage or stop taking the medicine as this may cause complications or withdrawal symptoms. You will normally be instructed to slowly reduce the dosage to prevent these problems from occurring.

Any side effects?

Although rare, some side effects may occur while using Arkamin (Clonidine) such as headaches, dizziness, a mild rash, insomnia, blurry vision, impotence, or loss of sex drive. If you experience any serious symptoms that are intense or worry you, seek immediate medical assistance. These may include a fever, arrhythmias, severe rash, decreased urination, confusion, or trouble breathing. It will be necessary to adjust your dosage to prevent these problems from appearing.


Arkamin (Clonidine) should not be used by patients with a slowed heart rate or who are lactose intolerant. It is also important to disclose if you have heart failure, constipation, or a history of depression as these conditions may cause complications.

Avoid drinking alcohol while using Arkamin (Clonidine) as its effects may be enhanced by the medication. It is also recommended to not drive or operate heavy machinery until you know how the medicine will affect you as it may cause dizziness or confusion.

This medication should not be used if you are pregnant or suspect you may become pregnant as it can cause complications with the development of the fetus. It is also excreted into the breast milk and may harm your child if you are nursing. Discuss these risks with your doctor before beginning administration to prevent any problems that may occur.

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Arkamin 100mg (Clonidine) - 100mg (10 Tablet)
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