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Duprost (Dutasteride) - 0.5mg (10 Capsules)

Duprost (Dutasteride) - 0.5mg (10 Capsules)
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Dutasteride 0.5mg Capsules 10

What is it for?
Duprost (Dutasteride) is a medicine which is used by men suffering from an enlarged prostate (this condition is also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia). Your doctor may have told you to take this medication to help reduce the enlarged prostate, thereby treating symptoms such as problems urinating or frequent urination. In addition to this, there have been quite a few medical trials conducted to determine how effective this drug is in treating baldness in men.

How do you use it?
Duprost (Dutasteride) capsules are meant to be swallowed whole, with water. Donít chew or crush them. However, before you can start taking the medicine, you have to go and see your doctor for a medical examination. Your doctor will tell you the amount of capsules to take, and will also let you know how often you need to take each dose. Usually, patients are told to take it once per day. It doesn't matter whether you take it with food or without food. However, it is important to know that you will probably need to take it for at least 3 months (but sometimes for 6 months or more) to notice the full benefits of treatment.

Any side effects?
Duprost (Dutasteride) might make you experience some side effects, however your doctor will probably tell you not to be too concerned, as most people only experience mild side effects. Some possible side effects include:

  • Problems achieving or maintaining an erection
  • A decreased libido
  • Difficulty ejaculating
  • A reduced amount of semen released during intercourse
  • Tenderness or enlargement of the breasts

You should go to your doctor if any of these side effects persist. In rare cases, this drug can cause serious side effects. Ask your doctor about the risk of this occurring. Seek medical help immediately if you notice lumps in the breasts, a discharge from the nipples, peeling of the skin or any other side effects.

Duprost (Dutasteride) is meant for use in men, and is not prescribed to women. Also, women (especially pregnant women or those who may become pregnant) should never handle these capsules. This will prevent the drug from being absorbed through the skin.

Don't give blood while taking this medicine, and for at least 6 months after stopping treatment with it. This is to prevent pregnant women from being given your blood.

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